Britt Ekland and Rod Stewart

34 minutes

Britt Eckland became famous first as the wife of comic genius Peter Sellers, whose troubled and unstable inner life eventually drove her away. Then she became a Bond girl and international sex symbol, and hooked up with one of the world’s biggest rock stars, Rod Stewart. Together, they led a life of wild excess, but true contentment eluded her under Rod’s reluctance to commit and wandering eye.

Coachella Vegan Options - Lou Adler

Victoria Sellers Instagram

Victoria Sellers Arrested (Hollywood Reporter)

Jail Saved My Life - the Wayward Daughter of Peter Sellers (Daily Mail)

Victoria Sellers Gets Suspended Jail Term (NYT)

Rod Stewart and His Son Plead Guilty to Misdemeanor Battery (Rolling Stone)
The one lesson I’ve learned from life: Britt Ekland says just get on with it (Daily Mail)

Rod Stewart Speaks (

Rod Stewart (Billboard)

Britt Ekland: 'I was put through emotional and psychological warfare'

Britt Ekland says the toll of her cosmetic injections should be a bitter lesson for today's Instagram stars (Daily Mail)

Daughter Of Late Actor, Housemate, Among Six Charged In Cocaine Ring (AP)

Tonight's The Night (YouTube)

Don't hate her because she's tall (Today Show)

Charlize picks Britt as date (Evening Standard)

Britt Ekland: 'It was frightening' The Real Marigold Hotel star talks 'difficult' moment (Express)

Britt Ekland: 'The Bond girl of my era exists no more' (Irish Times)

Former Bond girl Britt Ekland says she ‘ruined her face’ with lip fillers (Page Six)



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