ENCORE: Jenny Boyd & Mick Fleetwood

42 minutes

One of the ‘IT’ girls of Swinging London reconnects with her high school classmate, a talented drummer, striving to succeed. But his all-consuming obsession with his band and inability to communicate with Jenny makes for a difficult and unhealthy relationship. Once Fleetwood Mac finally hits big and Mick slides into fame and drugs, Jenny has to confront her own patterns of codependency.


Jennifer Jupiter: A Journey Beyond the Muse, by Jenny Boyd

'It's not what you think': behind the star-studded life of a rock star's wife (The Guardian)

Jenny Boyd talks forgiving Stevie Nicks after Mick Fleetwood affair, marrying star twice: It was 'surreal' (Fox News)

Mick Fleetwood Was in Love With Stevie Nicks, but She Thinks Their Relationship Was a 'Doomed' Mistake (Cheatsheet)

Stevie Nicks Once Said She and Mick Fleetwood Would Never Have Had an Affair if They Weren't 'Completely Drunk' and 'Coked Out (Cheatsheet)

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