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Welcome to DISGRACELAND in 2024. Jake Brennan will continue to bring you the most insane stories about rock stars getting away with murder and behaving very badly ... and will also tell …

ENCORE - Marjorie Guthrie: Woody Guthrie, Martha Graham, Loss and True Love

Marjorie was the right hand of dance icon Martha Graham when she met Woody Guthrie. She took loving care of both as they each moved toward self-destruction, and especially of Woody, even …

ENCORE - Carolyn Dennis & Bob Dylan

The gospel-fed daughter of one of Ray Charles’s Raelettes had no idea who this Bob Dylan character was when she was called to audition for his band. …

Suze Rotolo and Bob Dylan

The mysterious woman on the cover of the breakthrough album ‘The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan’ was a major influence on the legendary musician’s development, just as he was becoming “Bob Dylan.” …

ENCORE = Deborah Santana & Sly Stone & Carlos Santana

The daughter of a blues pioneer falls in love with two brilliant musicians. Sly Stone takes her out of her quiet life, but almost drags her into the dark world of his own demons. Then she …

ENCORE: Linda Keith & Jimi Hendrix

Linda Keith was so determined to make Jimi Hendrix a star that she dumped Keith Richards. She got Hendrix a manager and a record deal, but then felt compelled to let him go, even if he was …

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